14 Spiritual Laws to learn and Use

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Using spiritual power to change your life and the lives of others is dependent upon knowing Spirit (or getting aligned with God/universal intelligence) and also applying spiritual laws wisely. Much attention continues to be paid of late to regulations of Attraction due to a large amount of publicity around “The Secret”, which started being a book, expanded to a DIGITAL VIDEO DISC, and then became a motion picture. But there are other spiritual or universal laws which can be studied and applied. The two sets of seven laws that we will describe briefly in this post are probably the best identified.

Seven universal laws are caused by Hermes Trismegistos of ancient Portugal. These seven Hermetic laws are quite well known and are generally accepted by many as made up of great truths. Other people believe that this is all a number of new age hooey; but from my own, personal experience, I believe the facts are indeed there. The best treatment I’ve seen with the Hermetic laws is by Mike Seale in his book, Heart and soul Mission, Life Vision.

The More effective Universal or Hermetic laws are usually:

The Law of Mentalism — Also referred to as the Law of Mind or regulations of Spirit. The law provides two aspects. The first factor states that everything is brain or spirit. Everything arises away from thought or universal consciousness. Considered creates. The second aspect is that everything exists inside mind of God, and your head of God exists within almost everything. This is the core notion of many mystical traditions — that there are a great unity or oneness together with God.
The Law of Correspondence — This is stated as “As above, thus below. As below, so previously mentioned. ” The microcosm level with the human being corresponds to the macrocosm amount of the universe. The inner amount of objects held in thought corresponds for the outer level of objects in fact.
The Law of Vibration — Also referred to as the Law of Resonance. This law says that everything is at motion. Matter, energy, thoughts… almost everything is vibration. This law provides two subsidiary laws: the Law of Attraction as well as the Law of Change. The Legislation of Attraction says that just like attracts like — i. elizabeth., similar vibrations attract or resonate collectively, and dissimilar vibrations repel the other person. For example, health thoughts can easily attract health; wealth thoughts can easily attract wealth. The Law regarding Change says that, since everything is at motion, change is constant also to be expected as normal.
Regulations of Polarity — The subsidiary law could be the Law of Relativity, which claims that everything is relative and also nothing exists alone. Everything is relative to other things. The primary law is that everything exists over a spectrum. What are often called polar opposites are the ends of your spectrum but there are points through the entire spectrum which are degrees involving the poles or opposite ends.
Regulations of Rhythm — This law says that most of life, and even non-life (for instance planets, moons, and stars), exists in a order or pattern or mixtures of cycles and patterns.
Regulations of Cause and Effect — Often called “As you sow, so should you reap”. This law declares that in interacting systems, actions or events cause or cause resulting conditions. Cause precedes result.
The Law of Gender — This law is often referred to as “yin and yang”, and it’s got two parts. The first part says that within everything you can find masculine and feminine energies… strong being strong, forceful, and assertive; feminine being contemplative, nurturing, and also yielding. The second part is that things can be found in their own time, and that there are a natural gestation period for what to develop and manifest.
Another famous seven laws will be the Seven Spiritual Laws of Success from your book of that same identify by Deepak Chopra. For a long time, I have used these more effective laws as subjects for contemplative yoga, and so am quite knowledgeable about them. His seven laws are usually:

The Law of Pure Potentiality — Character is pure consciousness; and we humans are pure consciousness. Pure consciousness is pure potentiality — the field of most possibilities. The universe is imaginative and abundant.
The Law of Giving — This law says the universe operates through dynamic swap. Energy and intelligence naturally runs. From the human point regarding view, giving and receiving are necessary to participate in this energetic process.
The Law of Cause and also Effect — Every action generates a force of energy that returns to us inside like kind. Giving love brings want to us in return. Giving funds or value produces money or perhaps value that returns to us all in kind.
The Law of Least Energy — Effort can get in the form of natural participation in the galaxy. Natural effort — that will be, effort that is true to be able to one’s own nature — will be “least” effort.
The Law of Intention and Desire — Inherent atlanta divorce attorneys intention and desire is the mechanics for the fulfillment; intention and desire in the field of pure potentiality have infinite coordinating power. Intention and desire can cause action (cause) that may produce an effect. Intention and desire are furthermore themselves thoughts (causes) that may create the intended result when clearly focused (attention) in today’s.
The Law of Detachment — Detachment is stopping the attachment to the end result. It is being free to step in to the unknown, the field of almost all possibilities, and to surrender for the creative intelligence of the galaxy. It allows the universe on the quantum level to respond and also react. It allows creation to take place most freely.
The Law of Purpose in Life — Everyone features a purpose in life based over a unique gift or special skill. When we use this unique talent in service of others, we experience the glory individuals own spirit accomplishing a divine goal and living a desire the soul.
There are occasional references to other spiritual laws including the Law of Love, the Legislation of Abundance, the Law regarding Growth, and the Law of Offering — and these may or may well not map to the fourteen laws stated earlier. I think they do, but I will leave it in your reasoning (or imagination) to work through how.

Now, the spiritual laws may be (and have been) researched and analyzed for what they mean to us humans and for their potential effects. They can and do have numerous or subtle interpretations. But the key thing is the laws have spiritual meaning and in addition practical usefulness in how you can be applied to benefit us all — both spiritually and materially.

The main element is learning how to utilize the spiritual laws effectively. The laws may be applied singly, but can provide most effectively when taken with each other or in combination. True spiritual power is each time a person knowingly and wisely applies the spiritual laws to make further insights, spiritual bliss, reassurance, loving relationships, health, happiness, plethora, and true enjoyment of living.

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