3 Reasons to Reconsider Representing Yourself in Court

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If you have an upcoming trial, you may be considering whether you need a lawyer or whether you can handle the case on your own. First, you may be wondering if you can represent yourself, period.

To appear pro se is to appear on your own behalf. While you always have a right to a lawyer, you are allowed to waive that right and to represent yourself. Many people consider self-representation when they think that they have a strong case. No matter how strong your case is, you may want to reconsider self-representation.

You Lack Experience

When you have a lawyer Columbia MD citizens trust, then you have a lawyer that has experience. If you are like most people, you have never appeared in court. You will be standing up against an attorney with experience and training that you simply don’t have.

You Are Close to the Case

When you are too close to your case, you may too emotional to handle it objectively. It may be difficult to use judgment because you are too emotional over the case. It is easy to become defensive, especially under pressure. If you become too emotional, it can hurt the effectiveness of your case. You have to be able to clearly strategize and remember that you need to convince the jury, despite how clear you think it is.

You Are on Your Own

When you represent yourself, you are flying solo. The judge and court staff cannot give you any legal advice. Lawyers have access to a number of different resources that can help them with case strategy.

When it comes to self-representation, it might sound like a cost-effective way to deal with a trial, but it is often not worth the risk. Even the strongest case can fall apart when you don’t have adequate representation.

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