Using Bail to Attain Freedom

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There’s a knock at the door, and outside are armed police officers, ready to put you in handcuffs and load you into a police car. It’s happened, you’ve been arrested. Now what?



Being arrested is a difficult situation to consider, but the reality is that if the police have evidence that you have committed a crime, they can and will arrest you. It’s a situation that no one wants to consider, but the police can and will arrest you if you are found to be under suspicion of any crime, from drunk driving to fraud to domestic violence. The question is, what will you do if you are arrested? Do you know how the system works, so that you can be prepared in case such a thing ever happens?


Posting Bail


Once a person is arrested and taken into the station by the police, they will be officially “booked” by the court. After that, they will have to wait in a jail holding cell. Once the court has set the bail amount, the suspect will need to come up with the funds in order to attain their release. In some cases, the suspect will not be allowed a release if they are considered a “flight risk,” but if a bail amount is set then a release can be arranged if the bail money is posted.


If a suspect and their family is unable to raise the bail funds on their own, they can borrow the needed amount from a bail bonds company. Companies like wyoming county bail bonds are in place to provide loans to a suspect’s family so they can post bail. Once the case has been tried and a verdict has been reached, the funds will be returned, and they can then pay them back to the bail bonds company, with interest.


The bail system allows a suspect the time and freedom they need in order to adequately prepare their defense, which is their legal right. Being arrested isn’t an easy situation, but our system does allow protection for those arrested, and part of that is the bail system.

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